My Boss’s Secretary

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I landed in US, where I have been sent from my company for 5 years. On the first day I noticed a beautiful and lively woman, who I later came to know was the company MD’s Personal Secretary Lara.

She was about 5.5,slim figure, nice and rounded boobs and a very attractive smile. Very soon I made friends with her.I used to make some suggestive remarks to her and she would accept them without being offended. One day a beautiful girl about 15 years old came to meet her and when I enquired, she told me that it was her daughter. I could not believe her words. She told me that she had got married early and now she was 32. I was just 25 and I told her that she does not look her age.

One day we had finished work early and our boss was not there. Lara and I were sitting and chatting when she offered me a cigarette. Later she asked me if I could drop her home and offered to make some hot tea as it was very cool outside. I readily accepted her offer and went home with her. I was living in a flat alone as my parents were in a different city. After some chatting she told me that her husband had divorced her and she was living with her daughter. 

Lara told me that she had to meet a friend of hers and asked me if I could drop her and pick her up at about 9.30 PM. Another unexpected thing was she asked me if she could spend the night with me as it would be late and she did not like to disturb her landlords. I accepted immediately.

This is the woman I had been dreaming to Fuck from day one. I would always imagine fucking and licking this little bitch.

To cut the story short I picked Lara at the right time. We got on to my car and headed home. It was raining cats and dogs, both of us were drenched by the time we reached home. We went inside and I asked her if she wanted to change her clothes for which she said no. I changed to my comfortable pajamas and a shirt. I had arranged some drinks and dinner at home. We had a few drinks and I could notice Lara was feeling tipsy. She got up came to me and kissed me on my cheek. At this stage her sari had slipped and I could have a fair view of her upper boobs which were milky white and I
was dying to suck them. I was feeling like throwing her on the bed an fucking her in and out but the gentleman in me would not allow me to do so.

Soon we had dinner and it was time to go to bed. We got into the bedroom, it had a double bed and a single big rug. I was just thinking that I might have some chance later in the night. I was wrong. No sooner we got into the bed in a split second we were hugging one another and kissing hungrily. Our tongues were exploring one another. At this I grabbed her beautiful boobs in my hands and started fondling them. I was rock hard below. I was pressing my dick against her body and kissing her. I opened her blouse, next came her bra. She smelled great. I told her to remove her skirt. She got up and asked me to help myself. Oh god she was some piece of art. Every inch of her was wonderful. Her pussy was looking great. The hair around was neatly trimmed.

My prick was standing like a flag pole and before I knew what was happening she was down on my instrument, sucking hungrily. Now I knew that she had not been fed for a long time and this made me even hotter. She was licking every inch of my 7 inch hot rod. At one stage I felt I would explode in her mouth. I lifted Lara and put her on the bed, I held both her legs in my arms and spread her. I could see her beautiful pussy in all its glory. Without wasting a second I bent down and kissed her love bud. There was a strong smell and her love-toy was dripping like an ice-cream in hot weather, this made me even hotter. I licked her pussy like a kid does to an ice-cream. It was heaven and she was really enjoying it. She came and I could see all her love juices dripping.

We got up and had a smoke. Now she lay down on the bed and wanted me to fuck her deep. I went to her side and without a word she held my dick and started licking it. I was hot, I asked her to take charge. She got on top and gave me the ride of my life. WE fucked and fucked at last I exploded in her, she too came at the same time. She got up and licked my rod clean. That night I fucked her from the top and we had another 3 rounds. Morning she got up early kissed me and said it was the best fuck she had in her life. Later we fucked a number of times whenever we had the chance. My other encounters will be given in my next story. Now I am back to Hyderabad and if any females want fun, contact me on email

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