Most Memorable Experience Of My Life

Dear all, I Wanted to post my true experience during my college time when I was 19 years old I am now 33during my college days I was staying at my Nani’s house as my college was far away from my parents place around 50 km. in my grand ma’s place 2 of my uncle, Mami and their baby were staying with me. My younger uncle was married for 3 years and they had a small baby 4/5 months during that time.

I was in 2nd year graduation and was a very shy boy during those days and mostly I was busy with my studies tuition and little bit conscious about my career. during my stay at Nani’s place I developed good understanding with all my mami and family members as everyone were liking me for my nature and innocence in early morning I used to go to college and back to home around lunch time. My uncles were into give job and they used to go to office early at morning so after returning from college.

I used to help my younger mami name Mamta who waits for me to help her for baby bath as my cousin was 6 month at that time. She was 23 of age at that time and very friendly to me. I never had any bad intention nor I had developed any sexual desire for her although she looks very sexy like a sex goddess during those days as I was so innocent and caring for my relatives day by day I came close to mamta mami as I was very helpful to her and during baby bath.

I used to hold baby and she put soap and water on baby many a time she got wet during bath session and I was able to sense some sensation. Slowly I developed sexual desire day by day for her as I can remember once her polu was slipped from her wet blouse and I was busy in watching her beautiful rounded well developed and well shaped boobs must be 36 B from my corner of eyes and we used to have lunch together (2 mami, Me and my nani) after 6 months of stay at my nani’s place gradually.

I developed sexual desire for my sweet mamta mami but never wanted to do anything silly as I was from a respectable family and very conscious about society. We started chatting with each other for hours about college girls and ragging after lunch she used to invite me to her room for chatting and sometimes for cricket match as there was only one colour TV in mamta mami’s room at that time. I never felt any kind of bad intention from my mami’s side but I had fully developed burning desire for her and started masturbating thinking about her.

During our chatting at evening time so many times she use to be very casual and express her milk to baby by hiding in her pallu. I used to try to see something from my corner of my eyes to take a small view of her nice boobs but never ever succeeded to watch a glance. Finally the day came I can remember my younger uncle was out of station for few days and my elder mami with elder uncle had gone to her parents place for few days during that time before leaving for out of station for 3/4 days.

My uncle called me and asked to take care of mami and baby as he was to return in 3/4 days it was now mid and mild chilled atmosphere there. During that time India had gone Australia for cricket match and match used to start at 3 am IST. My mami knows my madness for cricket match hence she had told me to come to her room in mid night without any hesitation to watch cricket match as my uncle was also not there.

It was Sunday early morning and I was very happy that I don’t have to rush for college and can enjoy Monday match between India and Australia with stunning batting performance of Sachin tendulkar (My god) I could not sleep properly in my room due to excitement and had given my old alarm clock for 3 am. I wake up and ran to my mami’s room. Mami knew that I will come to watch cricket match hence she kept half closed of her bed room door and never locked from inside.

I thought to knock the door 1st before entering into her bed room but may be my incest for her did not let me to knock and just wanted to see her in sleeping position. I slowly opened the door it was 3 O’clock in mid night room was lighted with dim yellow bed light. I was stunned to see my mami and her little baby. My heartbeat was running so fast I felt like having heart attack. Ohh my god I could not believe what I was seeing at that time.

My mami was sleeping in dip sleep with her blouse and bra opened probably she was feeding her baby and baby got asleep and take his mouth off from her breast and her one breast was open pointing towards roof and she was in deep sleep. I was very nervous and took 2 min stood still there only and watching that scene. Then I started gaining courage and slowly closed the door and gone near to her to enjoy such moments of my life. I can never forget that moment.

I was just 1 foot away from her bed and closely watching a sex goddess and her god gift beauty and her breasts were very fair, rounded and well shaped with nice rounded brown areola and small nipple. I watched her closely for 10 minutes in that position and was mad to take them in my mouth but internally I was in fear. My manhood was burning in sensation and trying to pop out from my undies in hardness then slowly I thought to take a chance.

I slowly moved forward and took baby’s hand and kept on her breast to see whether she is in sleep or not. She did not react as she was in deep sleep slowly I put my one hand on her bare breast. Ohh my god what a sensation it was they were so soft and spongy. I started pressing slowly and saw no reaction. Then I created a space between her and baby and took my head near her breast and started touching her nipples in my mouth slowly.

I was in heaven and still there were no reaction from mami as this is obvious that she might feed her baby during sleep also as she never would have thought that was me. Then I started taking her areola area and breast in my mouth and sucked slowly. It was like cow milk mix with sugar. I drunk her sweet milk for 10 minutes and never tried to do anything silly slowly I touched and pressed her other breast which was half open and also saw the beauty in dim light.

What a creation of god during milk expression in excitement I started stroking my manhood for 3/4 times and all my cum ejaculated on my undies and trouser it was already 3.30 about 30 mins, I slowly came out from room and run for my washroom took 5 minutes to wash myself and changed my trouser and waited outside of room pretending I am now came to watch cricket match and then I thanked god whatever.

I got that day I knocked mami and from inside I heard to wait for 2 minutes as she must be wearing her sari properly and she asked me to come and I watched the match but my mind was just remembering those sweet moments. I masturbated for 4 times that day thinking that experience. If you liked my true experience please send me your feedback. Thanks

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