My Mother in Law Nisha

I always
regretted of not getting chance to have some sex experience and sex partner and always
waited for some encounter to occur so that I could share it with all lovely readers… This
true incident occurred just last month when my mil gave me her beautiful body to me as a
birthday gift.
I just got married last year and I have a very gorgeous mil with height 5′6”, fair, long
brown hairs and brown eyes, sexy back and voluptuous fig of 36D-32-36 and flat tummy. She
always wears a saree. I was attracted to her from the day I saw her, and even she knows it
because whenever I go at her place I use to stare her assets and try to touch them and rub
my palm against her nice round ass or sometimes elbowing her boobs if I got chance. She
never liked my behavior but never complained to anyone.
One day I got a call from my fill asking to come to their native for holidays. I said I
will talk to Reenu (my wife) and let u know tomorrow, I called and the tickets were bought.
I was happy with the thought that at least I will be able to adore her beauty, and get
close to her if possible. We went there for a week. Mil was very happy on seeing us but
behaved very formally with me and was bit shy of me, but I think she was suspecting my
intentions on her. We reached that place at lunch time,
Had our lunch and everyone went for a nap it was a small bungalow we settled on 1st floor
terrace room as my sexy mil had occupied ground floor room after an hour I felt thirsty so
I went down in kitchen to have water, as I reached living room I saw my mil asleep on sofa,
I walked slowly to see where my fil was, he was not in their bedroom, then I saw outside
from a window and found him digging in a garden before main entrance door and the door was
close from inside

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