My Innocent Sister

I love the insect stories as well as insect sex. I always look for an opportunity to have sex with my relatives. This is my real incident. This is the incident when I was reading in 3rdyear of the B Tech. I was staying in my college hostel. One of my Bua lives in same city and there are four members in the family and I used to visit them when get time.
My Bua has one son and one daughter she was 18 years old that time. This is about my sister. One fine Sunday my uncle and aunty were not at home and my brother also gone out with one of his friend. My sister and me were sitting in the bed and watching cricket on TV, she was seating near me in the bed and her shoulder was resting on my sleeves and her hands are on my thigh. I was feeling her body heat and feeling little horny and my cock started to get up and there is a bulge in my Bermuda.
I was not aware of this. I continued watching cricket caressing her shoulder, hands, her long hair, her cheek etc and I was enjoying my sister’s love and affection. Caressing her neck, I put my four fingers in her shirt and started caressing upper part of her breast and then I moved my hand on her bra-strip just below the shoulder. I found she was napping and closed her eyes while my left hand was on her waist and I was caressing her waist.
I was enjoying her love and affection and closing my eyes, I rested my head back on her shoulder I found she was pretended to be sleeping. I continued my work. My hand which was working on her bra strip, now started going under the strip and I started caressing her cleavage. I took my hand and kept over her shoulder and my palm touched near her neck just above her breast on bare skin and I started to feel her bare skin.
My cock was throbbing now in full swing and the movements are clearly visible from my Bermuda and it seems that she was also enjoying the show but kept her eyes closed as she was in deep sleep. Her body started to warm and I was feeling her hot breath in my chest even after wearing the t-shirt. My breath also became hot and my pre cum juices was out from my penis tip and that portion of my Bermuda became wet and clearly visible.
My sister still did not react anything and pretend to keep sleeping. Now I was sure that she was also enjoying the show. This was understood by both of us about the situation of each other but nobody dare to say anything to each other. I decide to take one step ahead and want to see what happened. I hugged her little tightly and slide my palm near to her boobs and also pressed my palm on her skin.She responded while keeping her closed eyes and slides her body near to my body and now.
My entire body was touching her body and her bare foot was touching near my ankle and I was rubbing her feet to my leg. I continued my job and now I started rubbing my nose on her cheek. I was feeling her hot breathing but she too was enjoying closing her eyes. Suddenly door bell rang and my brother arrived. I got up went there to open the door. My sister also got up went to toilet and I started watching TV but I could not concentrate to watch the program and my mind was diverted to the incident which was just happened.
I was feeling very horny and wanted to have sex with my sister but was also afraid was trying to find out any safe method. I decided to wait and to go with the situation. After dinner we all went for sleeping. My uncle and aunty slept in the bed room as usual and I, my younger brother and sister keep on watching TV. They have Two BHK Flat so my sister has to sleep in Hall. After some time my brother told he want to sleep and going to sleep in another bed room.
So I was happy and went into my sister bed keep on watching TV. After some time I found she was also sleeping and then I switched off the TV. Now I thought to play with my sister in night after everybody sleeping. I was waiting for every one sleep. After half a hour I felt that everyone might be sleeping and decided to take my chance and moved my body near her. I slide my hand over her and touched her body to check whether she was in sound sleep or not and no reaction was found from her direction,
She was sleeping over her back facing toward roof and my heart was running like airplane and I was sweating like anything even after winter. I tried to sleep a bit closer to her. Pretending to be asleep, I rolled myself towards her. I slowly moved my feet and put my right foot above her legs. I was shaking and it was for the first time that I realized my penis is getting hard like a rock. I did not move myself and put my legs just like that for another half hour or so.
I was tense, I was scared, I was questioning myself at times or you stupid? She is my sister? But again something else was getting better of me. It was my youthfulness. It was wrong, it was against my religion but besides these, it was against my controls and that as grabbing my whole. Seeing her and others fully sleep, slowly but carefully I move my hand on her tummy. I kept my hand there without any other moves for few minutes.
Now slowly again I moved upwards and my hand was now just above her breasts. Probably for the first time I realized that I have crossed the lines now beyond what a brother’s relationship is. I realized that I have stepped into another world. A world in which there is pleasures beyond thinking but a world very dangerous at the same time. What if my sister wakes up? What she will do? What if she tells to Mom and Dad? All these things were coming to my mind and a fear of all fears went through my body.
I was sweating probably I had the worst heart beats ever in my life. I started consoling myself and came to my senses that my hand is still on my sister’s right breast. Her breast was going up and down with every breath as she was in the dreamland unaware of all the things cocked without her knowledge but something got me somehow out of the way a bit by now and I was thinking of many things including what if being caught and what if she will start hating me and what if this and what if that while
Thinking all of this probably an hour or so passed and I heard her mild sleeping breathe and she was indeed sound a sleep. Ok, I said to myself, should I do or not? After many minutes of thinking about day I got some courage and rolled myself towards her as if it is sleeping turn and I put one of my legs between her legs in such a way that it fall above her knees and closer to somewhere the whole day I planned to do this night and at the same time I put my hand on her breast too.
She pretended deep sleep. She still could not move my leg away. She lay quiet but I did not know if she was sleeping or not. Suddenly something came to my mind and it was a tricky one. I moved my hand to her breast. I am waiting to see what she does now? At this point she didnt stop moving my hand and with a lot of scare and fear I got the courage to move into the next step. I slowing started rubbing her boobs. She was for sure not sleeping since I could feel her very heavy heart-beat and breath.
She was awake but was not moving at all. My hands lay on her boob and I just heard the rhythm of her heart-beat and up and downs of her breast. After few minutes, I thought of going into the next level. I was tense and I was scared but at the same time my cock was so hard and it was touching her leg on the side. She did not move as I put my left hand under her sleeping gown and slowly unhooked her bra to free her boobs. I touched her nipple very gently. She did not do a thing but was breathing very heavy.
I put my hand on her boob and just left it there for a long pause and I did not say anything waiting to see what she does. I started moving my body closer to her and rubbed her thigh with my poked penis. I moved my hand near her thigh and pressed my palm on her thigh , there was no reaction, now I kept my palm over her thigh and started to rub very gentle and watched to her face if any reaction. It seems that she was in deep sleep as there was not any sign of her waking.
I slide my hand over her bare thigh and started to feel her silky and smooth skin. My cock was so harden that I was feeling like I was in haven but was not able to enjoy as I was also feeling fear too caught up. Slowly my hand reached near the joint of her thigh near her crotch and my finger touched her panty border I stopped and looked at her and I raised my body on my elbow and looked at her face for any reaction but she was still sleeping and no reaction was found.
I decided to move further and slide my finger under her panty, I just lifted the border of her panty and slide my one finger gentle inside the panty and waited for some time. I slide my finger more very gentle inside her panty and after some time my full palm was inside her panty. Now my finger started to search her pussy lips, suddenly my finger touched the soft and moist area of her pussy and my body stared to shiver in anxiety and the tip of finger are became very cold .
The more sweating started from by body and my palm was complete wet by that time with sweat. I once again looked at her face and started to rub my finger over her pussy lips and tried to insert my one finger inside her pussy I felt little pressure and resistance and could not succeed to slide my finger in side her pussy. I started to rub the pussy form over and started to apply little more pressure on my finger to entre in the pussy suddenly I felt little movement in her body and I took away my hand from her body.
She moved her body a little but she was still on her back and turned her face to other direction now I was not able to see her face, I waited for some time and again stated to slide my hand in side her panty and this time when I touched her pussy lips I found little wetness and my finger easily slide inside her.I stared rubbing my finger very gently in her pussy and tried to enter little more inside her I felt little pressure around my finger and I understood that my finger reached near her hymen and press my finger little hard keep watching her face for any reaction
There was no reaction of her face but I felt that her body was responding as I felt little movement in her pussy and her pussy wall swished my finger very little. I was continuously rubbing her cunt and I took her hand from my hand and slide near my cock and pressed her hand over my cock after some time I took out my penis from my underwear and Bermuda and pressed against her hand. I was feeling her pussy wall movement suddenly.
I felt that her palm moved little I immediately stopped and looked at her face side but not found any activity and again started to rub her pussy and slide my cock her palm I was feeling pressure inside me and I was about to come I immediately get up and went to the toilet and released my load in the toilet and went to my brother bed and sleep. After some time I found that my sister got up and went to toilet and she also slept after toilet in the morning I tried to find out any reaction in my sister face but she was as usual.
We took our breakfast and told sorry to her she didn’t reply I was waiting for get chance to talk with her. My uncle and aunt went to office and my brother went to meet his friend and we both are alone in the house. I wanted to talk to her so went to her and again said sorry for what I had with you last night. She told me it’s ok. Then I said; “I am a sister lover and I want to see you in your undergarments.” She said that it was sin. I said, it is a sweet sin. Then she told me that I am a sick; I started requesting her please.
I want to see your at least once. I started pleading before her and slowly started caressing her cheek. Then I running my hand over her neck and reached up to her shoulder. She didn’t object me and kept her eye closed. I slowly moved my hand around her waist and started unbuttoned her skirt and pulled it down. It was in no time fully down and she tried in vain to stop but it was too late. Now she was half naked but I still had not seen her holy place.
I was looking her face and she closed her eyes then I sat down between her legs and slowly running my palms over her naked thigh. She kept standing closing her eyes. I slide my hand up over her panty to her tummy and slowly removed her top she was in bra and panty standing in front of me in a nice day looking like a sexy doll. Then I asked her can I kiss you she didn’t reply kept standing closing her eyes. Then I moved further and hold her in my arm and started kissing her lips.
I slowly running my palm over her naked back and unhooked her bra and freed her boobs and pushed into her bed. I finally got a good close-up view, even in the dimly lit room, of her sexy little mid teen body. She was so close to being a woman, but not quite there yet. Her dark tan and sexy tan lines were just perfect. I was mesmerized at the sight of her white mounds of tit flesh against her dark tanned skin. She was not objecting my move so I got some confidence.
My body was shivering but still took some courage. I was sweating like anything. I could feel some sort of vibration in her body. But didn’t mind to bother .then I removed her bra fully and for the first time I saw the heaven her sweet soft chubby boobs. I slide my hand and cupped her breast my finger and started to fondle both of her boobs she moved little bit but did not open her eyes I also slide my thigh over her thigh.
I touched her pink nipples gently and viewed it closer and rested my head over the other I started licking it. It tasted little salty of her young sweat. Then took it in my mouth sucked it. Then I made myself naked and my cock was 90 degree up and it got its freedom. Then I positioned near her with she lying with a side on the bed and her back facing my front portion. I took my left hand and put it on her thigh and rubbed her thighs and over her panties.
Then I took my right hand and removed her panties very quietly by lifting her waist. What I saw it was more than heaven, for the 1st time I saw her pink littlie pussy with a little brown hair over it, may be she never had a shave till then. My sister has best pussy I can tell you with very little soft hair on her pussy really best looking .My sister pussy was wet there. There was liquid around her opening I rubbed it .feel skin of my sister pussy all over what a feeling I was in haven.
I was fully aroused to see her like this which I never expected. I placed my hand between her legs it was really warm there and slowly rub her pussy with my left hand and boobs with my right hand. My hand was full wet with my sister’s pussy juice and its aroma of liquid made me horny. I decided to enter my finger in her pussy but when I did that she moved and closed her leg. I removed my hand after some time again I tried entering my finger in her pussy.
She again closed her leg.I stopped after that and got up but she was still laying in the same passion on her back. She was lying naked but still closed her eyes. She tried to hide her cunt with her hands but I lifted her hands off. I was feeling great to see her virgin cunt. I started rubbing her pussy with my finger. I then took my brief off and I was fully naked and laid near her and started to kiss her body gently.
I took her hand and put on my cock she laid her hand I started to rub her cunt that was complete wet I slide my one finger in her pussy and felt that she had covered my cock in her hand. My fingers gently worked in and out of her tight mid teenage unbroken cunt each time I flicked a finger across her swollen clit, causing her to moan when she moaned, it felt great as it sent vibrations through my throbbing shaft.
This was the most erotic and intense sexual experience in my young life. Suddenly found her whispering please don’t insert into it. I assured her I will not do anything if she didn’t wish Then I asked her that can I rub my cock there. She asked, where. I said cunt. She did not respond but closed her eyes. I asked her again pleading. She without opening her eyes, said; just don’t insert I, I said Ok.
I requested her to part her legs. Slowly I parted her legs for the first time I looked her holy place. It was so beautiful scene it was so sexy, it was so, so, I don’t have words for it. I touched her with my fingers and and I kissed her cunt pink lips she moaned and I started kissing her face neck and lips and sane time my hand was on her boobs and my cock rubbing on her cunt.
She moved her hand and took my cock into her hand and started rubbing it on in her pussy both of us were wet. My pre-cum and hers met and it was sensational and it was very hot. She moved my cock every where with loud noises and I was also moaning very loud. She was moving the head of my cock inside but was very careful that her virginity remains intact. She knew what she was doing and I was in the heaven with my sweet sister I said, I am about to ejaculate.
She quickly moved me with force to her naval and I exploded all on her tummy and she now pushed my hand on her pussy and started helping me rub her pussy with her hand and my finger. My two fingers were fully got inside her cunt. She cried out loud oooo aaaauuu ooo aaaa and lots of noises and shaking very vibrant and she held me with her hands now almost hurting me as she buried her face on my chest. She was sweating.
I had my own share of shakes and joy of ejaculating on her and as our tummies met it was fully wet with my semen and. There was a smell which smelled so sexy so funny so aromatic. We lay there for a moment and went to bathroom and washed it. We both were totally new to this new pleasure and this too was the sweetest and the most forbidden of all since this does not happen all over and if it does, people don’t talk about it but it was something worth everyone is dying for. Feedback me on

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