Vacation At Goa


I’m Rahul, 29 years and my wife is Nisha, 26 years. We are a marred Indian couple, staying in India. We have been married for five years now and in those years sex has been mind blowing. Nisha loved to fuck, anytime and anywhere and she was never ever shy in admitting it.

But, I was my desire to expose her in revealing clothes to other guys and also see her getting fucked. One day, I spoke this with her and after bit of hesitation, she agreed. But, she had a few conditions.

One of her conditions was that she would start slowly, perhaps by exposing to other guys. Second, she would start this in some place where people did not know us. She also told me that she would let me know if any other conditions cam up along the way.

I quickly agreed, my cock already hard at the thought of things to happen. The very next week I booked two bus tickets to Goa, a beautiful beach paradise for holiday makers, located in India. And, we were off.

For the trip, I reminded Nisha that her exposing started as soon as we left for Goa. So, I told her to put on business trousers and a thong and just a thin vest on top with no bra. To cover the vest, she would wear a thin jacket.

We arrived at the bus stop at around 3PM and the October heat was killing. Nisha was cursing the jacket and I told her to relax as she could remove it when we got in the bus. We bought some water and snacks and asked the conductor where are seats were.

He guided us to two seats right at the back of the bus. Now, these were sleeper seats and they could be opened if we wanted to sleep. Opposite us was a single sleeper. Surprisingly not many people were there in the bus. And I told Nisha that she could remove her jacket.

“No way. Let the bus start at least.”

I laughed.

By 330 the bus left and I could count that there were just 7 people in it. One was a couple with 2 kids. The couple was in their early thirties. And the other was an old man. Besides these 5, there was the driver and the conductor.

“Remove your jacket.” I told her.

She hesitated, but did so. The vest was of a tin material, black in color. It just about covered her huge coffee brown nipples. But it did not do anything to cover the fact that she had 39 D breasts.

Nisha’s eyes were moving all over the bus. She was nervous and wondering if anyone was watching. The bus continued on its journey and after about an hour it made a stop to pick up more passengers.

We stopped for around 15 minutes. Nobody entered. The bus left and after around 20 minutes it stopped again for around 15 minutes. We were about to leave when a rather rough looking guy in his late 20’s, well built, rushed in.

He settled down in the front.

“How many more stops I wonder?” Nisha said.

“Why don’t you go and ask the conductor” I told her.

“Like this?” She asked in shock.


“No way.”

“Okay then, I will call him here and ask him.”

“No. No.” She said.

“Conductor? Conductor?” I yelled.

All the people looked back and the conductor came our way.

“How many more stops?”

He was zapped looking at Nisha. His eyes glued to her breasts. She was blushing and turned her face away from him.

“No more stops Sir. Now we will stop after 7 Pm for a small tea break or washroom break if anyone wants.” He said. Sill mesmerized by her breasts.

“Okay thanks.”

“If you need anything, just let me know Sir.” He said, looking at me then looking at Nisha’s breasts again.

“Thanks.” I said and he reluctantly took off.

“Hell, he was so horny. Just staring at my boobs.” Nisha groaned.

“That is just the start.” I laughed. She looked at me in anger and embarrassment.

By around 7PM, the bus started to pull in at a small hotel. It was dark. The conductor told everyone to get down and be back in 20 minutes. He said there was a bathroom.

“I want to pee.” Nisha said.

“Okay, let’s go.”

She reached for her jacket.

“No jacket.” I told her. “Leave it here.”

She hesitated, but agreed. We got off the bus and asked the conductor who was standing at the door, where the toilet was. He pointed us in the direction and we went that way. I told Nisha, I was going to get some tea and to meet us there.

I went to buy tea and in 10 minutes, Nisha returned. We sipped our tea in the dark.

“Look at him staring.” Nisha said.


“That guy from the bus.”

I looked to see and saw it was the rough looking guy from the bus. He was busy staring at Nisha’s body.

I laughed. Nisha stared at me. We finished our tea and got into the bus. The conductor called out for everyone to enter and the bus left. The conductor told us that the next stop would be for dinner at 9PM.

The rough looking guy got up and occupied the seat opposite us.

Nisha looked at me. I smiled at her and said…

“Show time.”

The rough looking guy settled down in his seat. I whispered to Nisha, “Start making a conversation with him.”

She looked at me then turned to the guy. “Hi. Where you headed?”

“Mapusa. What about you guys?


“I’m Sam. You are?

“Nisha. This is my hubby Rahul.”

“Hi Sam.” I said.

We did some light chatter, talking about every day things and Goa. All the time the guy kept staring at Nisha’s boobs and Nisha too was quite aware of this. Soon it was around 9.10 PM and the conductor announced that we were making a 45 minute stop for dinner.

Everyone from the bus got off. The hotel was small. I excused myself and headed for the loo. Sam and Nisha went to order food. There was no proper loo and it was stinking so I went behind in the bushes and took a leak.

I headed for the small hotel. The food had already been served – some Chili Chicken, Rotis, Dal Curry and Cokes. They had to serve fast as the bus had to stick to a schedule. There were not too many people in the hotel. We did not chat much while we ate as we had to finish fast to get the bus. Nisha finished first and said she wanted to go to the loo. Sam said he too wanted to go. I told them both to go and I would finish eating and pay the bill. The loo is bad; I warned them and told them that I had to pee in the bushes.

Nisha and Sam headed for the loo.

“Hell, it is so dirty and stinking. I will puke if I go in.” Nisha said in disgust.

“Yeah. Guess we will have to use the bushes.” Sam muttered.

“But it’s so dark. How to go there?”

“I will take you. Do not worry.”

“Heck. It’s real dark. But I gotta pee so badly” Nisha said.

“Go ahead and pee.” Sam said.

“Turn your head while I pee.” Nisha said.

Sam laughed and turned his head.

Nisha lowered her trousers and slipped down her thong.

“My God. What an ass.” Sam said.

“Shit. I told you not to look.” Nisha said, wondering what to do as she wanted to pee and could not cover herself.

“I can’t help looking. Best ass I have ever seen.”

“Hell.” Nisha muttered. She finished peeing and got up to pull up her panties and thong. Before she could do so, Sam was grabbing her ass from behind.”

“What..? What are you doing Sam”? She gasped.

“Cannot control myself.” Sam said as he continued to squeeze her ass. Then in a flash, he lifted her vest and began squeezing her boobs and nipples.

Nisha tried to resist, but he was too strong for her. When her boobs and nipples were touched, Nisha always got horny. She started to moan. Sam quickly turned her around and started kissing her. Quickly Sam opened his fly and let his cock out. Nish looked at it. It was a good 7 inches and nice and thick. Nisha began to stroke it.

Just then they heard the conductor yelling at the people that the bus was leaving.

“Fuck!” Sam said as Nisha hurriedly dressed. They quickly rushed to the bus and went to their seats. Rahul was already sitting.

“What took you guys so long?” He said.

“Oh, something suddenly came up.” Nisha said. Rahul looked at her, wondering. Then the bus started and the conductor announced that the lights would be out off and they would make the next stop at around 5AM. If anyone needed to go to the loo, they had to let the conductor know and he would stop the bus for a loo break. The lights went of and darkness enveloped the bus.

Nisha told Rahul what had happened with Sam. Rahul was shocked. He looked across to see Sam staring at Nisha.

“Show him now.” I said

“Now? Here? How?” Nisha said shocked.

“The lights are off, nobody can see and they will already be falling asleep.”

“Hell, you serious?”


“Sam?” Nisha said.

“Yes Nisha?”

“How’s this?” Nisha said, pulling out her huge boobs and letting them dangle loose from the top of her vest.

Sam was shocked. He looked hungrily at her boobs. Then he looked at me. He did not know what to do. I smiled at him and that seemed to reassure him.

“That’s really awesome Nisha. Really fuckn hot.” He stammered.

“So? What would you like to do with them” Nisha asked.

“Come sit on my lap and let me show you.” Sam whispered. Nisha looked at me and then got up from her seat. Her boobs swaying out of her vest, she sat on his lap. The bus continued on its journey in the dark. Next Part in Few days…

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