Sister Banged By Photographer And Make Up Man

My name is Amruth. I’m a boy of 18 years. This story happened on 12 11 2010 that means last year.  I will tell you about my family. My family consists of 4 members my dad, my mom and my sister and me. 

We live in Bangalore and we are well settled family and had god property. So my dad want to live happily so he gave all the property to my mom and went to Canada for enjoying the life and he will be calling to us regularly. So life is going on well. I’m here to tell about my sister. My sister’s full name is Bindhu Madhavi and she is a beautiful girl her age is 25. 

She wants to become a film actress so she gave up her studies and started doing modeling but my mom didn’t like that. So mom told my sister not to go for modeling but my sister quarreled with her and didn’t obey her words. So she joined in a fashion modeling institution every day she will go there and come back in the evening and every day mom used to tell my sister not to go for that but my sister didn’t listen. 

One day I also went with my sister to her fashion institute and she was waiting for some permission to talk to some one. I and my sister kept seated in the chairs and after some time one man saw my sister and me in the chair and he came to us and introduced him himself to us and his name was Amith and he works as a camera man for add films. Amith has an average body and he is around 40 years.

He asked my sister for what she is hear. She then told him she came for modeling. Amith then said no need to meet any person and told my sister to be in contact with him so that he will recommend my sister as he knows many people in film industry. Then my sister felt very happy and gave her cell number and address to him and we went home in our car.

The next day went normally but at 3 p in the afternoon Amith called my sister by his phone and he told my sister to come to his studio. He also told that he will only come and say all the details to her and my mom. Then my sister kept waiting for Amith. After half an hour Amith came and my sister came and opened the door. She greeted him and welcomed him into our house. She asked him to sit and she will prepare coffee for him. 

Then my sister came out with a cup of coffee and gave to him he thanked her and started drinking. Then my sister asked him to tell the details about why he came to our house. He then replied that there was one director searching for new actress for making add and asked my sister whether she will do the add or not at first she felt very happy and thanked him mean while my mom came from kitchen and asked my sister who he was. 

Then my sister Bindu replied to mom that she was a camera man. Then Amith (the camera man) told my sister to come to his studio now for trial shoots. My mom didn’t agree and scolded my sister not to go but she didn’t listen to her words and said that she will go at last my mom agreed and also told my sister to take me also for safety. First she didn’t agree but after she agreed. 

I and my beautiful sister went with him in a car and his studio was some where outside the city and we got down the car and went into an apartment where the studio is present. We went to the studio room by lift and got inside the studio room. It was not at all a studio. It was a two room plot and a room has a table and chairs which was his cabin. 

The other room was room was juts occupied with some colourful paintings and a camera’s that’s it. Then he came to my sister and told about few things what to do about modeling. He told that a model should not feel shy and feel free and wear what ever clothes are given to her and some times models should be free as they will be called by big business men to spend night for fucking after listening all.

My sister was in shock but adjusted herself soon and said that she was ready for all but I took my sister a side and asked her not do all these. She told me that Amith is simply saying all those things. So I got some courage and kept quite. After few minutes Amith went into his cabin and got a dress for my sister and gave it to her. The dress colour was thick blue slevless top and and a mini skirt of same colour at first.

She heisted to wear but Amith forced her to wear it. She that went inside Amith’s cabin to wear that dress and locked the door and mean while Amith called a beautician to make up my sister after some time the beautician came he was also a male and his name was Kishore. He is also at the same age of Amith. I stood and saw them talking something and I came to know that they both were good friends after some time my sister came out of the cabin wearing the dress given to her by Amith. 

I was shocked to too that the top was very tight and the dress was stick to her boobs and body. Then Amith introduced Kishore to my sister and also told that he will make up her now. So kishore went and got his make up kit and applied some rose powder to my sister’s face and some lipstick also while applying lipstick kishore touched my sister’s lips. 

My sister didn’t say anything and then Amith told gave her round balls chain to ware and a big handbag to carry. Then Kishore saw me and asked Amith whois this boy. Amith then replied that I am the brother of Bindu (my sister) then Kishore gave me a wicked smile and after some time Amith asked my sister to get ready for the photo shoot. Amith showed my sister some phoses and she did and he captured the images 

The photo session continued for more than 1 hour at last the photo secission ended at 6:30 pm in the evening. Then Amith told my sister to change her clothes and come back my sister went inside the cabin and Amith also followed her when my sister went in Amith also went in and my sister while closing the door she saw Amith comint to the cabin. 

She asked him why he is coming to cabin then Amith told that he has forgotten his mobile in his cabin so my sister told him to come and take. Amith went in and was searching for his mobile actually there was no mobile he was just acting. He kept on searching and after few seconds he came to my sister and hugged her from behind. My sister shouted very loudly. 

Hearing the loud noise I and Kishore went inside the cabin and we saw Amith is hugging my sister from behind. Kishore went towards them and by seeing Kishore Amith left my sister and my sister was in shock. Then Amith came to my sister and told her that these things are common in this field and Kishore gave support for Amith words but my sister was in shock and then Amith came near to my sister. 

I hold her hand and told that the entire actress will be fucked before entering into the film industry so you also should be like that by hearing those words my sister was in shock but Amith was holding her hand very tightly. Then Kishore came to my sister and told that we both (Amith and Kishore) will definetly make you a big heroin and kept on telling something. 

Then my sister got convinced and said ok for them but  I didn’t like that so I went near them angrealy and kicked Amith with my legs but my sister stopped me and told me to keep quite and also told me that she will become a heroin if she does what all they say but I did not agree at first. My sister started pleading me and finally I agreed. Then my sister went into the cabin and said that she was ready to be fucked by them. 

Then Amith and Kishore came out of the cabin and Amith came near to me and warned me that my sister is going to be fucked by them very badly and he also said that he is going to take revenge on me as I kicked him but he said that he is not going to take revenge on me but he will make my sister shout in pain. I kept my face angry and din nothing just seeing them how they will fuck my beautiful sister. 

Mean while my sister came and asked Amith and Kishore to use condoms while fucking. But they said that they will not use and condom as they don’t like fucking with condom. My sister pleased and begged them to use condoms but they didn’t listen to her. She went inside the cabin and lied on the table. Then Amith and Kishore removed their pants and shirst and they became nude and their cooks were very huge. 

Amith’s cook is 8 inches and Kishore’s cook is 9 inches. They both moved to my sister and Amith kissed my sister on her lips and face and mean while Kishore is pressing her boobs on the sleeveless top then Kishore removed my sisters  top and she was in bra and a mini skirt then Amith started pressing my sister’s boobs and Kishore kissed her lips. 

Then Amith kissed my sister’s boobs on her bra and licked them my sister was moaning in a light voice and then Amith remover her skirt and saw Bindu’s  white panty and his cook got full erection and then Amith starter rubbing her buttocks. Then kissed her navel mean while Kishore removed my sisters’ bra and licked and kissed her boobs. 

Then Amith  removed her panty and started licking her haired pussy now my sister ws also enjoying I think and so she was moaning and then Amith went to her boobs and started bitting my sister’s boobs and nipples very hard and my sister was increasing the moan sound. Then Amith moved her legs aside and started rubbing her pussy for some time and after he fingered in my sister’s pussy in the mean time Kishore was kissing her boobs and her lips. 

Then Amith took his cook in his hand and slowly placed his cook inside my sister’s pussy as my sisters pussy hole was very small at first his cook did not enter normally then Amith used his full force and pushed his cook into her pussy and that’s the end my sister’s virginity was lost. There was a big scream by my sister and she told Amith to remove his cook form her pussy but he didn’t listen and started pumping harder and harder. 

My sister is crying in pain and blood also started coming out of her pussy she is begging Amith to stop but he didn’t stop. Amith fucked my sister for 20 minutes in her pussy and cummed in her pussy and then got up then Kishore came towards my sister’s pussy and my sister pleaded him not to fuck now as she cannot bear the pain but Kishore didn’t listen to her and started to put his big 9 inches cook inside her pussy.

I pushed his cook with all his power and my sister shouted in pain ever more loudly than while Amith fucking her. He banged her pussy and cummed in her for 15 minutes. Then Amith again got up and lifted my sister and made her to stand but my sister was unable to stand. So Amith asked Kishore to hold my sister. Then Kishore holded my sister and Amith came from back and separated her legs. 

I bent her and he put hi cook in my sister’s ass hole and her ass hole was even smaller than her pussy hole but Amith used his full strength to push his cook inside her ass hole but his cook didn’t go. The he got some oil and applied it to his cook and to my sister’s ass hole as he lubricated now ke kept his cook slowly but in didn’t enter inside her pussy then this time he got angry and pushed it harder and this time his 

I cook entered and my sister lost her virginity in both her sexy holes. Amith kept pumping his cook inside my sister’s ass hole and blood was oozing form her ass hole also. Now after some time Kishore also fucked my sister in her ass hole. And then after both fucking they both relaxed for some time and my sister was unable to get up and stand after  getting relaxed for 15 minutes they both came towards my sister and this time.

Kishore first lifted her and placed hi giant cook in my sister ass hole and then Amith put his cook in my sister’s pussy. My sister cannot bare both cooks inside her body and was screaming louder and louder and blood was coming out from her ass and pussy they both sandwiched my sister for 30 minutes and finally they took out their cooks out. Their cooks were in red colour due to blood and my sister has fallen on the table. 

Then they both cummed in my sister’s mouth and on her boobs and entire body and then Amith and Kishore came out of the cabin and Amith came to me and said did you see how we both punished ur sister. So be careful he said to me. He also said to me to take my sister home now. I went to my sister she was lying on the table nude then I tried to woke up my sister by calling her name but she didn’t wake up. 

Kishore came inside the cabin and pushed me aside and lifted my sister in his both hands and made her to sit on a chair. Then Kishore got a bottle of water and poured on her she got into conscious and Amith also came inside the cabin and then he told my sister to wera her dress and get ready to do home but my sister is not able to stand up. 

Then Amith got all her clothes which were placed on the hanger and he gave to y sister and told to me that she will become normal after 1 hour then I waited for her and after 1 hour 40 minutes she became normal and she wore her dress and is coming out of the cabin then Amith took his car keys and we three people (me, my sister and Amith) went down by lift leaving Kishore in the plot only.

We got into the car and reached home late at 11 pm in the nite. Amith said bye to us and went then my sister was very tired and I helped her to take to her room and placed her on the bed and went to my room and slept. That day was finished and my sister lots her virginity that day from that day my sister became a doll in the hands of Amith and Kishore so readers please give your feedbacks and comments to my id so that I will share the next story also with you.

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