Innocent Cousin Zakia

Hi this is khan, am an engineer and am in holidays at my aunt’s place .I am 30. I was feeling extremely lonely, and the only thing that I could do to make myself feel better was watch a few porn DVDs that I had lying around and jerk off. I decided I would watch a new DVD called “Schoolgirl Sluts,” which featured a bunch of young girls in schoolgirl outfits getting fucked by guys with huge dicks. I was rubbing my cock, and it got to full attention as I watched a young Asian girl with pigtails squirm as a giant cock got squeezed into her ass, with another one sticking out right in front of her face. I was just about to cum when I heard the doorbell ring.

I wasn’t expecting anyone, so I just ignored it at first, and resumed watching my movie. The cute Asian girl now had one dick in her ass and one in her mouth, and it looked like she was having a hard time with both of them. Her schoolgirl skirt was bouncing up and down every time the cock got rammed into her.

The doorbell rang again. “Fuck Off, who is it?” I thought, and quickly turned off the porn and pulled my pants back up. My cock was still rock hard as I walked to the door, and opened it so that it hid the massive bulge in my pants.

Standing in the doorway was a very small Asian girl, looking like Japanese, who couldn’t have been taller than 4’10”. She was very pretty, almost too pretty for a girl her age. She smiled at me, and I figured she was an off-duty girl scout trying to make a few extra bucks. “I don’t want any girl scout cookies,” I said, and she got a confused look in her eye.

“I not selling cookie,” she said, in a very thick accent. I looked at her again, and realized that she had a very, very cute body for a girl her age. She had almost no breasts, but she was had a nice shape, with an extremely tiny waist (not that everything about her wasn’t extremely tiny).

“Oh,” I said, “I’m sorry. You just looked like a cute little girl scout.” I laughed, and she looked slightly embarrassed. “What can I do for you?” I said.

“I here to see Amy,” she said, not quite looking me in the eye. Amy is actually my cousin.

“Oh, oh,” I said. “Are you a friend of hers?” She nodded. “Really?” I said, and she looked at me sort of confused and nodded. It seemed strange that Amy would be hanging out with such a young girl. “Well she’s not home right now. I’ll let her know that you came by…what was your name?” I asked.

“Yukiko” she said.

“Yukiko, well that’s a cute little name, isn’t it. I’ll let her know next weekend that you came by, okay sweetheart?” I started to close the door, but she put her foot in front of it.

“Maybe you let me call her from your phone,” she said. “It important about school. We working on project”

“Huh, well come on in,” I said, forgetting momentarily about my giant erection, which hadn’t lessened. It was strange to be attracted to such a young girl, but something about her tiny body was so sexual and beautiful. She was wearing a somewhat tight white blouse, which showed off the very modest bumps of her breasts, and a navy blue skirt with a white trim, cut about four inches below her small, yet round ass. She was also wearing a pair of white, calf length socks, and cute blue shoes with tiny bows on them. On her back was a blue, white, and pink “Hello Kitty” backpack, with a picture of the cute anime kitten on the back of it. As she stepped in I remembered my bulge, and quickly shifted my position to hide it a little better. I know it didn’t look quite natural, but it was better than showing a little girl my massive erection, which was on her account. “So, when is your project due?” I asked.

“It due tomorrow,” she said, still not making full eye contact.

“Well,” I said, pointing into the kitchen. “The phone’s in there.”

“Thank you,” she said, in her precious voice, and started walking towards the kitchen. As she walked, I watched her little ass move side to side in her little skirt. It was very small, but it fit her little frame perfectly. It was miniature, but still seemed developed. As I stared at her I felt my cock swell in my pants. Zakia quickly looked back at me before she picked up the phone. She seemed kind of nervous, and I wondered if she could tell that I was staring. I felt bad looking at such a young girl like that, but I just couldn’t believe how cute she was.

I quickly walked into the kitchen after her and sat down at the table so that I could hide the thick obvious bulge in my pants, which I hoped she hadn’t noticed by this point. She had such a pretty little voice, but she spoke very quietly on the phone, and I wasn’t able to make out anything she was saying. I just watched her and smiled. She didn’t know that I was thinking about her cute little lips and her dark, slanted eyes. I started rubbing my cock through my jeans, thinking about what it would be like to hold a girl like that in my arms.

Finally, she hung up the phone, and stood there very politely. “Thank you very much, sir.” She bowed her head a little.

“So, are you going to go over to Amy’s mom’s house? It’s kind of far away, you know.”

“No,” she said. “Amy say all her material for project here. She forget we supposed to meet today.”

“Oh,” I said. “So what are you girls going to do?”

“She coming over here,” the girl said, her arms folded behind her back.

“Oh,” I said, surprised that her mother was allowing her to come over.

“You know It’s probably going to take about an hour for them to get here. But you can wait here for her, if you’d like.”

She looked kind of nervous. “Maybe I go home and Amy call when she get here.”

“No,” I insisted. “Why don’t you wait here. You can hang out in Amy’s room.” She still looked somewhat reluctant. I’ll bring you a snack, and you can do your homework in there.”

Finally, she nodded, and I told her to wait in the hall so I could prepare something for her to eat. I walked into the kitchen excitedly and began putting together a plate of fruits. It felt strange having such a young, sexy girl alone with me in my house. I didn’t intend on doing anything with her, because she was so young, but it was nice to look at her and have her company. While I was making the fruit tray, I was able to calm myself down a little bit, so that my erection wasn’t as visible through my pants, though I couldn’t help feeling turned on.

When I walked back into the hall with the plate of snacks, I noticed that she wasn’t there anymore. “Zakia,” I called. “Where are you?”

At first she didn’t answer, and then I heard a little voice say, “In here” from the living room.

She was in the living room. Oh no, I had left the case for the porn DVD in there. I quickly rushed in and found her holding the case, looking at it. She looked up at me, her eyes kind of wide and frightened looking. “What is this?” she asked.

I quickly ran over and took the case from her. On the cover was the young Asian girl from the video, wearing her schoolgirl outfit. She was bent over, showing a pair of little white panties under her skirt, looking back at the camera innocently with one finger in her mouth. The title of the video was “Schoolgirl Sluts.”

“Oh,” I said. “Sweetheart, this is…this is a video year-book from a Catholic school. It was a bad lie, but I hoped she would buy it.

“Really?” she asked. I nodded. “What ‘slut’ mean then?”

God bless the language barrier. “It means a good student.”

“Oh, then I guess I’m slut too.” Hearing those words come out of her mouth in that little voice made my cock swell again in my pants. Luckily she was still looking at the DVD. “Why she bent over like that?”

“I think she’s a gymnast,” I said. “She’s probably doing stretches.”

“Oh,” she said. “I guess that make sense.”

I smiled at her. She smiled back and I realized that she was wearing braces. I could barely contain myself, but I didn’t dare do anything, because she was so young. I quickly walked over to the DVD player and ejected the disk, putting it in the case and then sliding the case into my back pocket. I’d have to remember to hide it so that Amy wouldn’t find out what her dad was up to.

“Well,” I said. “I guess I’d better show you Amy’s room then. Why don’t you walk up the stairs ahead of me and I’ll show you where it is.” I let her go in front of me so she wouldn’t see the outline of my huge cock.

As she walked up the stairs, I could see just the faintest hint of white panties underneath her skirt. I wanted so badly to reach up and grab her. “So, you must be a very smart little girl to be taking advanced classes with the older girls, huh?”

“What you mean,” she asked. “I two week older than Amy.” I looked at her, surprised. She must be confused.

“No, no,” I said, “Amy’s eighteen. How old are you? Thirteen, fourteen?” She shook her head.

“No, I eighteen,” she said. “My birthday was three week ago.”

I couldn’t believe it. We had reached the top of the stairs, and I literally stopped in my tracks. “Are you serious?” I asked. “I could have sworn you were still…a kid.” She shook her head. “Well, I said. Amy’s room is right here.” I walked a few steps down the hall, and opened the door.

The inside of Amy’s room was a typical young girl’s room. There were posters of all her favorite pop starts on the wall, and a million stuffed animals laid out on the bed. When Zakia saw the animals, she literally squealed and ran and jumped on the bed. As she jumped, her skirt flew up, and I got a quick full view of the white panties covering her adorable little ass. “Ohhh, these are so cute!” she said, hugging a giant teddy that Amy kept on the bed. She smiled, flashing her adorable braces again.

I decided to close the door, and walked over to the bed, setting the fruit on Amy’s desk. That one is Amy’s favorite, I said, pointing at the teddy clutched in Zakia ‘s arms All of a sudden, I noticed that Zakia was looking at my pants. I glanced down. Oh no! I had forgotten all about my erection, and little Yukiko, sitting on the bed, was almost at eye level with my cock. She was staring at my bulge with wide eyes, and I could tell that I was busted. But then I realized that she was confused as to what she was seeing.

“What that?” she asked. “What you have in your pocket that so big?”

“It’s a thing that all boys keep in their pants,” I said. “Hasn’t your mommy or daddy ever told you about it?”

She shook her head. “Can I see it?”

“No, I said, only adults are allowed to see it, and you’re still a little…” and then I remembered that she actually was eighteen.

“I an adult. Let me see!” she said and she reached her hand into my pocket. I felt her little hand on my cock, and it swelled even larger. She was digging around in my pocket looking for it, and inadvertently rubbing my shaft through the fabric.

She pulled her hand out, confused. “Where is it?” she asked.

I put my hand on her shoulder. ” Zakia, I think that it’s time somebody had a talk with you about this. Do you want to see what it is that I have in my pants.” She nodded. “But you have to promise not to freak out, okay? It may seem a little strange to you.” I couldn’t believe what I was about to do.

I slowly unzipped my pants, and out sprung my massive cock, sticking nearly ten inches out, and hovering just about a foot in front of Zakia ‘s astonished face.

“Oh my god, what that?” she squeaked, frightened.

“This is a boy’s private parts,” I said. “It’s called a penis, but most people call it a cock. You’ve really never seen one before?

“I think I see one time when I accidentally see dad in shower, but it much, much smaller, and I still thought it was very big and wonder why he have such big thing on him.” She demonstrated a little penis with her thumb and forefinger held only a few inches apart. Yukiko looked even tinier next to my giant cock, and she seemed genuinely terrified of it. “Why it so big and scary?” she asked.

“Well Zakia,” I said, my hand still on her shoulder, “some men have bigger cocks than others. Mine just happens to be on the large side.”

“Oh,” she said, inching her head away from it. “That where boys pee, right?” She was so cute an innocent. She may have been eighteen but she sure didn’t look or act like it.

I laughed. “Well yes, Zakia. That is one thing it’s used for, but there are other things too…better things.”

“Like what?” she asked.

“Well,” I said, pulling out the DVD from my back pocket. “I can show you”

“In video yearbook?” She asked, now genuinely confused.

“This isn’t a normal sort of yearbook, Yukiko. This is one just for adults. Do you want to see what grown-ups do with their bodies?”

She nodded reluctantly. I walked over to Amy’s TV, and popped the DVD in. Yukiko looked relieved to have my cock move away from her temporarily, and I could tell that she was feeling anxious as I sat next to her on my daughter’s bed, her little bare legs against my jeans. I could tell that part of her wanted to scoot away, but she was squished up against the pile of stuffed animals, so she couldn’t move much to the other side. I put my hand on her leg, right above her knee, and she flinched. It seemed like no one had ever touched her there before. I could feel and see the Goosebumps on her legs as she stared at me, her lip trembling a little, but I could see in her eyes that a part of her was excited about what was going on.

“So Zakia, I want you to hold this for me while we watch the video.” I was holding my stiff cock in my hand and pointed it at her. She shook her head, lip still trembling. Tears were beginning to well up in her eyes, but I could tell that she wanted to keep going. “It’s ok, sweetie,” I said, wiping her eyes. I picked up a stuffed teddy bear and put it right next to my cock. “Does this make it better?” She nodded, and even smiled a little. Still sniffling, she wrapped her little fingers around the base of my cock, and she could barely get her hand all the way around it. She was holding it, but leaning away, as if it was going to bite her. I petted the soft hair on the back of her head.

“Now I want you to watch this movie okay, and see what grownups do.” I hit play on the remote, and the video started. The first thing to appear on screen was the cute Asian girl from the cover, whom I had already seen later in the video get her ass and mouth pounded by a couple of guys. She was sitting at a desk, and the camera cut to show a teacher sitting at a big desk in the front of the room watching her. They were in the room alone together, and, like in all porn’s, there weren’t really enough desks in the classroom.

After a minute of sitting with her legs crossed, sucking on the end of a pen while trying to “figure out” the math problem, she slowly got up from her desk and walked over to the teacher. The camera zoomed in on her little skirt, which was so short that it barely covered her ass, and showed her little white panties.

I glanced down at Zakia’s skirt, which, since she was sitting on the bed, had bunched up a little bit, and showed almost all of her legs, just barely covering up her panties. She was distracted by the movie, so I tugged a little bit on the side of her skirt so that it came up another inch and I could see the panties covering the teeny little bump of her crotch. She noticed what I was doing.

“Sorry, sweetie. I just wanted to see if you were wearing the same panties as her. You two look alike, except she looks older than you.” Yukiko fidgeted, embarrassed, but didn’t pull her skirt down. I let my hand rest on her warm thigh, which was covered in Goosebumps.

We turned our attention back to the movie. The girl was leaning over the teacher’s desk, still sucking on her pen, with her shirt unbuttoned so that her ample cleavage was exposed. “I just can’t do it Mr. Johnson,” the actress said. “The problem is just too long and hard!” I laughed, but Zakia, still holding my stiff cock with her little hand, didn’t seem to get the joke.

The actor playing Mr. Johnson stood up and said, “well, I guess I could always give you extra credit.” He unzipped his pants, and out came his big cock. He put his hand on her head and guided her down onto her knees in front of him. She stared at his dick in mock astonishment. She put both of her hand on it and started jerking.

“What do you think of that cock, Zakia?” I asked.

“It not big as yours,” she said, “but it still real big and scary.” It was true, the man in the video had a big cock, but it was still a few inches shorter than mine. It seemed like Zakia still hadn’t warmed up to the idea of holding my cock, which was still swelling in response to her touch. She stared at it as if it were a monster, and looked at me, almost as if she were silently asking if she could let go now. I took her other hand and put it on my cock, a little bit higher up. She was frightened, but still seemed intrigued about what she was supposed to do with it. Even with both hands on it, most of my massive erection was still uncovered. “Move your hands up and down on it, like the girl in the video.”

She reluctantly started stroking my cock with her hands, though she didn’t get anywhere near the head or the balls, both of which still seemed to frighten her.

Then, the girl in the video, with the guidance of the man’s hand on the back of her head, began to suck on the very tip of his cock. Yukiko shrieked and stopped rubbing, just squeezing my cock with both hands. It felt good to have her squeeze like that. “What is she doing.”

Just watch, I said. This is what girls do for boys. With one hand I was stroking her thigh, and the other, slowly unbuttoning her blouse. She was so preoccupied with the video that she didn’t even seem to notice that I’d unbuttoned halfway down, exposing her white bra which covered her teeny little breasts.

She shrieked and squeezed again as the man pushed the back of her head, and slid his cock deep into her mouth.
My cock was harder and longer than it had ever been, I was so aroused. I reached into Yukiko’s blouse and grabbed one of her little breasts. She wiggled away against the stuffed animals, surprised, but I reached for it again. This time she let me. I pulled her legs up onto the bed, and climbed on top of her. “Is this okay, Zakia? Do you want to help me like that girl is helping that man?” She nodded, obviously still nervous, but ready for what was to come.

I pulled off her blouse, and pulled her skirt up, so that it exposed her little cotton underwear. I kissed her little cunt through the panties and she moaned a little. With one hand I unhooked her bra and began rubbing her little nipples until they were hard. She was moaning with her eyes closed as I reached into her panties and slid my finger along her wet little pussy. I didn’t feel any hair on it.

“Do you shave Zakia?”

She nodded. “Only once in a while, I not have much.” I couldn’t believe how sexy and innocent she was.

I pulled her panties down past her feet, but kept her little white socks and her skirt on. I pulled all of my clothes off and stared at her little hairless cunt, and her small, pretty mouth, her lip still trembling. I climbed back on top of her and let the tip of my cock run along her pussy until it was all wet. She moaned and quivered. Then I put my hand behind her head and guided her to my cock. At first, she tried to move her head away, but then allowed me to bring the cock right up to her mouth.

The head of my cock was about the size of her little lips, and I pressed it into them. She pulled her mouth away, with a little strand of sticky liquid hanging from her lips to the very tip of my cock. I pushed her head back and rubbed the cock all over her closed lips, smearing both hers and my cum onto her mouth. Finally, I said “open.” I pushed my cock in. Her little wet lips parted when I pushed, but I was blocked by her braced teeth. “Open,” I said again. This time she was obedient, and opened her mouth enough for me to slide the head of my cock all the way in.

“Now do what she’s doing,” I said, and pointed to the girl in the video, who was taking the man’s big cock in and out of her mouth like it was nothing.

Zakia took another inch in, and when I pressed her head she took another inch and gagged a little. I pulled my cock out and let her try again, pushing it against her lips. She again let the head of the cock slide in, and then a few more inches. As she sucked, I took her hands and showed her how to rub the shaft with one and the balls with the other. She looked so adorable with her little eyes staring up at me, her mouth parted wide to allow my massive cock in, and wearing nothing but her little blue skirt.

As she rubbed my cock and sucked I continued pushing her head in until it was nearly a third of the way down, and I could feel it pressing against the back of her throat. She gagged once more, and her eyes watered up. Finally I pulled out and began rubbing my own cock vigorously, holding her head so that her lips were still up against the tip. “Lick it,” I said, and her little tongue began obediently roaming the tip of my cock.

Finally, I grew close to climax. I grabbed her hair even harder and she shrieked. She looked at me, not knowing what was going to happen next. Finally, I shot a load of hot cum right onto her lips and chin. She squealed and tried to wiggle her face out of the way, but I held her firmly as I launched a second load onto her cheek and eye. She wriggled her head away, and the third and final shot of hot, sticky cum landed in her hair.[/b]

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