My Mom My Sex Goddess

My Mom My Sex Goddess.

Bihar village bans mobile phone use by women

Bihar village bans mobile phone use by women.

Threesome With Ex And Present Wife.


जीजाजी, दीदी और मैं

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Cousin Love

The constant ringing of the phone woke me up. I got up and looked at my table clock it was 8 am and I picked up the phone. Hi cousin!! Anju here and how is my favourite cousin and I immediately recognized the voice of my cousin Anju, Hi Anju! How are you? Where are you? I asked now completely awake and I am in Delhi getting ready for my marriage.

We had still some shopping left so mother said that we can go to Lucknow for shopping and we can meet you guys also she replied. My cock just sprang up in anticipation as my cousin was damn hot and beautiful girl just talking to her gave me a hard on. So when you guys coming? I asked excitedly and we will be there day after tomorrow by 5 pm flight be there dear and she replied. More

Sex With Mother By Blackmailing

I will share my most wonderful moments in life with my mother. My name is Karan and her name is Preeti, 35 years and a sexy lady with a nice figure of 36 C 30 38. She is a housewife and she was really gifted with an inviting and voluptuous body in addition her assets were pink lips, black wide open eyes, black long soft and silky hair a round large deep cut navel. A milky white physique which are able to drive any perfect man crazy sexually and this is the story of three years back when I young then and my mom was 32. Now let’s come to the story. Generally my dad remains out of station because of his work. My father goes to work at about 8 and we goes at 9’o clock in the morning. So one day we went to school but I forgot my project in home. That’s why I had to return back home when I came home and I rang the bell but no sound comes out and then I realize that light was not there and when I knocked the door no one opens. So I open the door with the help of duplicate key which I always used to keep it with me and when I opened the door no one was there in first room. So I went inside and when I reached the last room. I was shocked to see Naveen Bhaiya who lives in our building smooch my mom. She was enjoying too and they two were in deep kiss then I took out my mobile and recorded their video. Then he opened my mom’s saree. She was now in petticoat and blouse. She opened bhaiya’s cloth and began to suck his penis. He had a very long penis. My mom is a very good sucker and after that he opened my mom’s blouse and ohhh. She was wearing black bra then he opened her bra. Wow! What a scene it was and her boobs were like two melons. Her nipple was standing and he was sucking her boobs they did this for 15 minutes then he finally opened her remaining clothes and started fucking her. I was masturbating seeing them and they enjoyed sex for 4 hour up to 1’o clock then he carried my mom to bathroom after 1 hour they came back. They two were naked and my mom’s body was looking More

Mother Punished By Policeman


The train whistled and my mum lifted me and ran towards the door. We made it just in time before the train could gain speed. My mum sighed in relief and started searching for our seats. We found it without much ado and kicked the luggage under the seats. My mum had taken too much trouble for this; she hadn’t packed her bags last night building up a lot of shouts and anxiousness this morning. MUM: ‘’beta come and sit on my lap.’’ I had been looking out through the window at the racing meadows and grazing lands. As my mum said I ran to her and sat on her lap and she planted a kiss on my cheek. ME:”Mamma, when are we going to reach there?” MUM:”In three days beta’’ ME:”Oh’’ We had boarded the Kerala express and were going to our native place. Soon it turned dark as evening swept in. Yet nobody was there in the compartment except us. I leapt out of my mother’s lap and sat on the opposite seat. And hereby my habit of fooling around started. I jumped from seat to seat and climbed the upper berth which gave me immense pleasure. My mum scolded me and I as usual didn’t listen. Nothing used to scare me when I was of that age as my mum still recalls. The only thing she used to scare me with was the police. She used to show me the policemen in TV with guns and I used to obey every command. But now the TV was far away and I had no reason to worry. But that night at a station our train stopped and a well built police man came in our compartment. He was grim looking at first so I swiftly climbed up. But to my utter surprise he smiled. Can they smile? , I wondered. The policeman talked with my mother the evening and they continued their boring talk occasionally laughing. When my mother told him about my fear for the police he immediately pulled out his gun and allowed me to touch it. I was enthralled and lost my fear for the police too. MUM:”You shouldn’t have done that” She said smiling and the guy smiled back. They continued talking and I fell asleep. Next day the police guy changed into his clothes and was looking neat. I played with him whole day and my mother remained staring at us with a lopsided grin on her face. My dad was a businessman and never played with me so much. It was mesmerizing; the feeling that man had created in me. 2 days were left and now we were supposed to reach Kochi by Monday morning as my mum said. More

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